P Sazimai sling
I love this species. They eat well and grow fast. Pretty awesome temperaments too. Congratulations
@Paul1126 Thanks, it’s a mix of coco fiber, soil, and vermiculite. Trying it out for humidity and firmness. First time I’ve made or used this mix.
@Drea Thank you! I’m super excited. After doing my research on the species for awhile before purchasing, I could hardly wait for it to arrive.
@Drea This is number 3 of my T’s. Having just started within the last few months. Added with the fact that 2 of my T’s are slings and one is juvenile. I’m super excited to watch them grow and transform as I raise them also.
@Dynamic86 slings need a bit more TLC and take forever to grow but so worth it.

And congratulations for joining the T world. Starts with 3 then turns into 30. Haha
@Drea True enough. I’m patient, and will enjoy my spiders throughout all their stages. Thanks! Yea I already have my eye on more species.

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