P. sazimai 3 inch
I've got two, and originally I was thinking they were both female, but that looks quite a bit like epiandrous fusillae to me. I figured I would get some other opinions. I thought I saw spermathecae in the molt, but it may have just been a tear
I should also mention that the picture is at an angle that appears rather misleading. The curve under the first set of booklungs is actually pretty straight, but it looks much more curved because the picture was taken from below and at an angle
I'm not sure. I have a pair and the male was blindingly obvious at that size. This doesn't look so obvious. Still... maybe... I don't know. It looks more male than female but I'm really not sure.
@boina I suppose I'll wait for another molt just to be sure. I just managed to get my molt confirmed female up against her enclosure wall (which was not easy, otherwise that would have been the first thing I would've done), and I think both spiders looked pretty different ventrally. But they both looked the same ventrally before molting, and the molt was a bit ambiguous. So one more molt should confirm it without a doubt

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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