P.Rubiseta mature male

P.Rubiseta mature male

I take my previous statement back....
Oh! so handsome
I hope to get a P. Rubiseta sling or juvie and a P. Strennus sling next week if they are in stock. I’ll get a P. Kuranda if they have no Rubisetas.
@Eternalhour ik that minibeast wildlife has some kuranda slings available very soon. I also have a strennus juvi and they are awesome, web everywhere. If you manage to find anyone selling Rubiseta plz lemme know on here as the seller who gave me this male kinda ripped me off and won't reply, looking for a female asap
@Eternalhour alright Ty heaps Hopefully they have more than one. I've had an ad out out for 2 weeks looking for one and someone sold me a selenotypus under the guise of Rubiseta so I'm really starting to look hard
@Eternalhour sorry for so many messages actually I just looked at the seller and this is the guy that ripped me off. Sold me a confirmed female for $215 and I molted after I bought it and turned into the male above. I have sent 2 emails and he has not replied to either but put up more ads between the ones I sent
But the blue leg, Goliath and strennus slings I got from him are all great, just the big Rubiseta I'm annoyed about
@RezonantVoid Thanks for the warning, I had a feeling that it might turn out to be the same seller
I was planning on getting slings anyway so hopefully there won’t be an issue. Pretty shit that he hasn’t followed up on your emails though. Maybe you could try direct message from the number on his ad.

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