P.reg or P.fas?

P.reg or P.fas?

Is it a P.Regalis or P.Fasciata?
look at the bottom of the abdomen. If there is a stripe going across the abdomen at about the posteriour book lung region, then it's regalis for sure. They're the only pokie's with said stripe, every other one is plain black(ish)
Looks like a P. fasciatum to me =) Kindda hard to tell sometimes, but Ive got a bunch of regalis's and this does not look like a regalis in my opinion.
It is regalis.. cause of it has thick black line than Fasciata.. and Snakeguybuffalo is right.. If it has white line on the abdomen.. I can say it is regalis 100% sure..
regalis i guess, look at prosoma, that pattern is caracteristic of regalis...

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