P. Platyomma?

P. Platyomma?

This T was sold to me as a P. platyomma. What say you?
Hard to say just from this one photo, but when I saw it my first thought was "it looks exactly like one of my P. platyomma girls". If that's correct then it is about to molt very soon and it should turn almost black-brown instead of this very light brown.
I didn't get pictures when I had the chance a few months ago. Now that I am getting more involved with this hobby I want to be certain of both species and gender. It is rare to see it outside its hide these days. It began to refuse food last week. So it shouldn't be long before the next molt.

Thanks for replying. Anyone else?
It is veeeery fat, so I'm not surprised if it's not hungry. hehe
P. platyomma do get immensely fat if given the chance though, so that is spot on as well. Mine also has an enormous gut shaped like that.
Am I overfeeding it? I feed it once a week. Two or three crickets. It attacks the forceps I use to introduce food. Scared me the first time. It slams crickets one after the other. I've read conflicting info regarding feeding so I'm not sure how much to feed it. Overfeeding can reduce lifespan vs tarantulas regulate their own diet, etc. I want the Ts to be provided a diet that ensures their good health and longevity.

And thanks again for taking the time to respond.
As long as it eats - go for it. It won't explode or anything. P. platyomma likes to eat ALOT and OFTEN. hehe
At least thats what I tend to think. but what do I know. At this point in the hobby most things like this is based mostly on speculation as few have actually tried to keep an sp 20 years to observe what actually does get the best results. :)
snakecollector said:
Honestly does not look like a P.Platyomma to me at all. Looks more like a Lasiodora Parahybana to me.

Time will tell. I wouldn't mind having a L. parahybana. Thanks for the reply. Any more suggestions?
i say LP as well, it looks absolutely nothing like my platyomma sling or adult- too furry for one thing.
Thanks all, I just got a 1/2" L. parahybana from Kelly Swift (Swift Inverts). Whether this specimen is a parahybana or not I now have one. I'm crossing my fingers that this is a P. platyomma. I'll post some pictures soon.
Would the abdomen on a Lasiodora be this shape? Usually mine have had a more round shape where this one has sort of pear/drop shape like all platyommas.

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