P. ornata

P. ornata

sorry for the poor picture. it was the best I got before he/she ran from the light.
Thanks. I've looked at the sexing threads and I can't see the difference in ventral and by the time i got to the last molt it was folded up and hardened. Could you point out what makes this one female?
Absence of a patch of epiandrous fusillae between the anterior book lungs, and an unbroken epigastric furrow, giving it the appearance of lips.
Sorry, I didn't see that there were more replies. Yeah, I found a thread on sexing ornatas dorsally and it is definitely a female. I'm still terrible at ventral though. Everytime I look through these sexing pictures and think I've got it I get 10 in a row wrong without seeing why. Good thing for molting, I suppose. Thanks for the replies.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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