P. miranda sex

P. miranda sex

This miranda is now little less of 4 inch. She(or he) is the same one that I posted last time but some people were having hard time sexing her(or him).
I am leaning towards male, but a ventral shot at this size could be more definitive.
Looking between both pictures, it's seeming male to me. I see no point of entry into the furrow, nor is it very well defined. Though, I could be wrong, I'm still fairly new at this and she/he is a more 'exotic' breed that I don't have much experience in. However, the person who taught me to sex did a wonderful job of showing me multiple species and explaining the similarities between them. (I spent about 5 hours sexing their collection of molts with him, due to the fact they had MANY smaller Ts or all various types, and have since sexed many others). If I had to put money on a well educated guess, it'd be male.
It is most definately male. There is no leaf like flap between the 2 upper book lungs. Definately male.

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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