This is just enclosure I did with a cork bark background air plants and and a orchid and there is a hide in the left-hand corner for my Gooty
I love it. I just finished throwing together one for our G. rosea. Even though we're getting a sling I wanted it in a heavier tank then a little box just to ensure it couldn't easily get knocked over or fall to the ground so it's a 2.5 gallon with some succulents. Course my T's didn't come in the mail today though so...>.> Probably a good thing. I have the substrate a little moist right now cause of transplanting the plants. Gonna let it dry over night without the lid and get all that moisture out of there.
This looks beautiful. Will the LEDs go blue for night time viewing? I like blue over red.

Looks really nice, love the plants.

How does the metallica like the plants? Web over them?
PLEASE lunarae-that eco-terra is WAAAY too big for a rosie sing. I have a penultimate male P. regalis that has plenty of room in one that size.
Start in a smaller container,you will lose the T,or it won't be able to find food.
@Rogerpoco It's not an eco terra. It's a 2.5 gallon fish tank. I have the substrate all the way near the top for the most part. I don't leave food in with my T's to run around freely, The T either eats when I offer it with tongs or it waits until next time so finding food is not an issue. I mean it will have 11"x6"x2" of actual space to roam around in. Not counting substrate depth since G. rosea rarely burrow.
Ah,cool-misunderstood,thought you were using tank in photo. I was told recently here(I'm newish) that tong-feeding was bad,breaks fangs,etc. Don't quote me,but check into that.

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