P. metallica 2"
I hate sexing P. metallica, I am not confident enough with this species (not to mention that they are pricey). If you tied me up and put a gun to my head I would guess male. Widowman?
that's really funny you say that jenn, because i swear, i said the exact words: "i suck at sexing pokies..." before i read what you wrote :D i was goin back and forth on this one but also lean towards the male side of things...

DEF wait for a molt. or just someone who's better with pokies... :D
I agree with RAM. My male P. metallica's book lungs appear closer together then this fine specimen. Not that this is the only way to tell...:eek:
Then again... Once your feed little ones like htis right after they molt. The book lungs do spread out a little from getting fat... Buuuuut this one does look rather maleish

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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