P irminia
Be happy with whats been in the hobby for a long time. The new stuff will stay expensive forever. :/
There’s a reason things have been in the hobby a long time, because they’re fantastic. Before I even read your post, I was looking at the picture thinking, what a stellar looking T. Some of the coolest looking specimens are a dime a dozen, these, P. cams, P. murinus, B. vagans, N. chromatus, the list goes on and on.
New species may come to the hobby but P. irminia will still remain as one of the most beautiful T. I still don't have one though. :arghh:
@Arachnophoric exactly my point.. people like their quick buck in the hobby. Props to the guys that stick around and help lower prices instead of maintaining them. Cold blood for example
@PhilMcWonder He's in the Philippines ;)

@Arachnophoric They'd get cheap pretty fast given how easily bred Psalmos are and how often they double clutch, P. victori are already a lot cheaper than they were when I first started seeing them for sale here (they're like less than half the price they were a year ago).

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