P. irminia
@AgnO Just not a fan of people handling these and showing off they're pictures. Also, this isn't your average NW arboreal, a bite from an irminia could send you to the hospital...check out the bite reports. :rolleyes:
I forgot how many dislike the handling thing in here. It's really nothing to show off, I'm not the only one doing it, there are plenty of handling vids on youtube and elsewhere. I understand it is a good thing to try and educate against handling, however, if I'm not mistaken, there are so fewer bite reports from handling compared to careless "hand sticking in the container for cleaning". Why would that be? Just saying, everyone should learn from their experience and mistakes (as long as the species isn't highly venomous).
@AgnO Im more so against it because they're abit prone to falling and.. bursting? I guess would be the term, but doing it with highly venomous species certainly makes it all the more hard to look at..
@AgnO I kinda gotta agree with you here. I think if the T is calm enough and doesn't mind being picked up for short periods of time then I don't see an issue as long as you're an experienced keeper. Be aware of the risks and take responsibility if something goes wrong but don't rule out handling altogether
"there are plenty of handling vids on youtube and elsewhere."

Yeah, you tube is full of goofs setting horrible examples for others. There is literally no worse place to use as a template for good keeping.

I disagree with your assessment as well...handling is responsible for the vast majority of bites in this hobby.
This is a photo of a lucky moment. Luck runs out...for you, and especially for them. You're the smart animal in the room...so be smart.

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