P. Irminia

P. Irminia

My P. Irminia after an unbelievably easy rehousing exploring things!
I’ve got a 1” sling. Awesome genus. Wanted a cambridgei but irminia was available. Love their markings.
@BC1579 I agree! It's my first Psalmo as well, I got her as 1.5 inch sling back in April (She's roughly 3 inches now) and I loved her the moment I got her! Beautiful markings even as a sling, always a voracious eater, an all around awesome T! I'm not particularly sold on the Cambridgei for some reason I don't know why really, I find that P. Pulcher draws my eye more!
Pulcher is stunning.

I’ve got a P. regalis about the same size, and it’s crazy how different they are. The Pokie runs around like it’s on fire until it collided with the cricket and takes it down. The irminia almost stalks it. Really cool hunter.
@BC1579 Oh they definitely earned the tiger part of their name! Mine does the same thing, as soon as it's recognized that there's food in the vicinity the hunt begins! What amazes me is the force mine will take it's crickets with! My Irminia and my HMac both make a loud thud every time they attack and it's awesom. My P. Ornata is the most timid T I own rn, only eating when the cricket happens to wander in the burrow or annoy it enough, but it's still only an inch sling so to be expected.

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