P. cancerides
Sorry, it’s still too small for me to guess. :( but it’s cute as a button.

Did the darn little thing eat it’s molt?

PS I will forever call this one Little Thing and naming my quarter size T. strimi Little Thing too. Haha
it didn't eat its molt, i'm just getting so lazy with sexing the little ones. i know she will molt in another 30 days and it will be just that much easier. I was trying to speed through unraveling it before work (like a spaz). Aww, I will have to name her Little Thing in my T app. Thanks for taking a peek. I love all of my little babies.
@PelesAsher you are keeping the name! I don’t know why but that makes me really happy. :D

The T app is not on the IPhone so I have an old fashion pen and journal. I have been getting lazy with that too and I have misses a few molts for the littles. The bigger ones are easy enough to track since they don’t molt as often. But still.
I forgot to write down two breeding project dates. :(
@Drea i hate when i miss a date. Im sorry! Im sorta neurotic so the app totally helps. I hope someone makes an apple version soon and yes Im keepin the name.
@PelesAsher I am pretty sure I have touch of OCD so I have been backing tracking to get the dates entered. Haha so sad but true. And they are Slings so there is no real reason other than knowing growth rate.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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