P. cambridgei
Such a pretty spiderling. Gave me the runaround and hid inside the handle of a sterilite bin during rehousing. ;)
Had the same thing happen with a Ch. sp. Kaeng Krachan sling when I was unpacking it from the shipping vial. Had to spend a good 5 minutes trying to find the best way to coax it out without it flinging itself off into the abyss.

Gorgeous T, really like how this pic makes the greens and golds on the carapace pop.
@Arachnophoric Thank you! :)
Haha same here! I spent several minutes trying to figure out if I could safely ‘open’ the handle without harming the sling, and then running to the kitchen to break off a piece of straw from the broom for sling nudging. :happy: It turned out well in the end...hopefully for your sling as well!
@WolfSoon Haha, I've invested in a large assortment of paint brushes for my T-nudging needs. Very handy. All ended well with the T safely housed, I'm pretty sure it was worse for my heart than anything else. :rofl:

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