P. Cambridgei
Cant get any better pic and REALLY dont wanna risk a bolting episode with this one. Bad photo but any inclinations on sex? Waiting for a good molt
@BarksandFarts i am judging by body shape, the colour and appearance of the setae. That along with what looks to be emboli, though the photo isn't clear enough to be sure.
@KezyGLA hi haha sorry new to the hobby. How does setae help to sex? Emboli definitely not present or not pronounced at the very least albeit the fact that its at 4inches as of now. Will wait for a mold to confirm. Thanks!!
@BarksandFarts it isnt usually a good indicator for sexing as many species are not sexually dimorphic. However, Psalmopoeus are. Males have darker and fuzzier setae than females. Also, when it comes to Psalmopoeus the emboli isnt as obvious as other species.

Like I said though, if you can post a better photo then will be easy to confirm.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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