Omothymus violaceopes

Omothymus violaceopes

These guys are very sexually dimorphic. If it has gotten more and more purple as it’s gotten bigger, it’s female. If it has more brown/camel color its male
Honestly I can’t really tell, it just looks dark but 2 molts ago he/she was very purple for a few days but then just looked dark/brownish afterwards.
What’s the DLS? Because just looking at that spider I’m almost 100% positive it’s a female. By 2-3” males lose most of what little blue they ever gain.
Given that my juvenile has likely exceeded 2" DLS with its last molt and the legs (the only part of the thing I get to see these days) are very, very dark even though it's been a few weeks, that makes me hopeful I have a female too.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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