Omothymus violaceopes male or female
I got this O Violaceopes as a confirmed female for 89 bucks(I know something is fishy since it’s so cheap for something like this), ‘she’ is about 6 inch and only has some light blue on the underside if shined by bright light. I don’t think a female O Violaceopes should look like this at this size.
It's actually Lampropelma violaceopes now. The price you got it for is a great price if it is a female, but it really needs a feeding or two and the substrate looks dry. But why spray when you can just get a cup or bottle and pour in some water into the substrate to save you time from spraying everyday.
@Liquifin don’t need to worry about that that is just a tiny temporary enclosure, now ‘she’ is in a large arboreal exo terra bio active enclosure
@RezonantVoid do you know when males loss their blue? Because mine has some beautiful blue on the underside of the legs and some supper light blue on the legs
@T fan I can't keep any non-Australian T, so I wouldn't really have any idea unfortunately. But there are many members on here who I'm sure are more qualified
@letranger Supposedly a "research paper" said it was and should be moved back to Omothymus. But it turned out the paper published stating it should be Omothymus was not peer reviewed, thus not approving the genus being moved back to Omothymus. So basically it's still Lapropelma. All reputable dealers and breeders in the US go by Lampropelma violaceopes. Unless i'm wrong, I would like to see the revision back to Omothymus.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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