"Omnixia" - 1.. "Me" - 0..

"Omnixia" - 1.. "Me" - 0..

Someone is a bit cranky!
She bit you?! That is a rarity! You must have had your cranky face on or something. :-0
Ok, Nyan & TT, I'm admitting it. I totally don't get the joke. 16 years of college, and I totally don't get the joke. My brain just doesn't work like puns do. I'm sort of glad about that. But please explain the joke to those of us who clearly are idiots!
@Dovey She used to be the sweetest thing until she got pretty big and needed a rehouse. Now she is a savage and gets at me anytime she has the chance (will literally jump well over a foot to try for a finger). I dont know if she is still pissed I took her out of her old home or if maybe she is just more territorial of her larger space and enclosure. Yet she eats like a horse, beats me :dead:
She got 1... "One" is tattooed on my knuckles... She got one, I got zero hahaha and even though its an "O" she got me on the finger that looks like a "0".... She got 1... I got 0... :rofl::rofl::rofl:
That’s not a finger! It’s a superworm! It’s ok, my dragon tries to mate with my hand sometimes.. @Dovey, he was bitten by his dragon and the caption says someone was a BIT cranky.
This is why I hate puns. They're tricksie.

I've only ever gotten one bite from my dragon on purpose, meaning not a nip while he was trying to eat a banana. He free ranges around my koi pond and normally swims out to a birdbath and hangs out there to hunt honey bees coming for a drink. One day, he took out for the desert, and I have a crap knee and can't run. It was just about sundown, and fearing he was going to disappear into the brush just at Coyote time, I grabbed a broom and pinned him to the ground with the bristle end. When I picked him up, he nearly took the end of my thumb right off. What a bite! Granted, I had it coming. Still got a scar, though!
I've never heard of one going all vicious like that, though. Yeah, you're going to have to break that habit. That is no fun at all. Looks like a good bite.

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