Odd I. mira
This I. mira has easily been the oddest T in terms of behavior that I have in my collection. Despite being offered ample substrate, it has never fully taken to the signature trap door life the species is known for. Here it is, taking a drink after I added more water to its substrate.
That is odd indeed. Captivity and specimens vary, who knows why it isn't doing the trap door.
@viper69 It's made a burrow on a few occasions, but has abandoned them every time without fail. Currently, it has a little dugout on the one side of the enclosure and has made a web-cave of sorts. I'm going to let it molt once more, and if it doesn't molt out into a MM (still not sure on the sex) I'm going to rehouse it on a different substrate and see if that may be the issue. I can't really think of anything else at this point, unless I just have a truly broken mira. :confused:
@viper69 I'll have to try that then. I think that's actually what I had it on originally, but I used something different the last rehouse. I'll just assume that I have an odd individual. :rofl:

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