His name is "Ocho" a wild caught Texas tarantula. His leg span I'd guess to be 5 inches, Texas brown tarantula
Also, I have him in temporary housing until he is returned back to his natural habitat. The container is about one to two inches of dampened eco earth, with a perch I put so in case he prefers to be on something dry, because I'm not sure what his ideal conditions should be. Also a water dish and two crickets, is that safe? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Dawn
Original picture description: Lake Buchanan, Texas: this spider was saved by my husband at his workplace from a large group of kids terrorizing it. He is bringing it home so I can look at it (and maybe feed it a cricket) since I've never seen one before, then plans on releasing it where he found it tomorrow. (Deleted the original media to replace with the new picture, hopefully I can get some even better shots tomorrow before he or she is released back into the wild.)
Thank you @Tarantulaboy ! I wasn't sure because I've never seen one before and I am colorblind and always expected a Texas brown tarantula to be a very muddy completely brown, and this one seemed like it got darker near his arms pits. Also was shocked at how big it is! Tarantulas are fascinating and exquisite creatures, I am in awe! Thanks again. Sincerely, Dawn

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