O schioedtei
About 3", have heard there can be sexed by looks at this size, males becoming green an females become more black but with this one being more brown was gonna see if anyone had any input? Molted about a month ago but wasn't able to sex molt
I never paid attention...but ive heard the same as you.....Ive raised only males, so i have little for comparison at that size. My female was a sub adult when i got her.
If they are sexually dimorphic, that sure looks like a male. I own a adult female and it is much darker (blue grayish) in color.
Looking at images at google of male schioedtei, there is alot of resemblance. Judging on this info i'd say that it's a male.

Ill post a picture of a female schioedtei, check my page in 5 mins.
I was kind of leaning male, just wasn't sure how soon females started getting the darker colors if I should be seeing them by now.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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