Not a great place to molt at all. Avicularia M1

Not a great place to molt at all. Avicularia M1

I have been watching her closely because I know she was going to molt soon. She made two mats. One with lots of open space and this one.
This is were she picked to molt....

I am not loving this location at all but I have seen stranger places and they do fine.
My B.albo just molted yesterday and did it while it was leaning against the water bowl. I was worried it might lose a leg but came out of the molt in perfect condition.
All the best!
is that an 11" Nano enclosure? I keep mine in the same one. Did you leave the screen in or replace it with acrylic? I left my screen in and have not switched it out.
@BCspiderman7 wonderful to hear molts going well when T’s are in strange positions.

She is between the enclosure wall and her stick. It is to risky to move her so I just have to trust she knows what she is doing.
@Dman I had left the screens on because I have never had an issue but some one so know just lost an adult female Poecilotheria (don’t remember which one) because she got stuck in the screen and dangled there until death.

So I have used packing tape around all the edges to keep the T’s off the screen. It seems to work. There is a space in the middle that is just the screen but so far I haven’t seen them on that part
@Drea I know the verdict is to replace them. I have never had an issue however, for the arboreal T's I make sure that there is an anchor point somewhere within leg span of the T in case it occurs and they can have something to grab on to. I rarely see her on the screen. I do like the extra air flow for the Avic's especially. My P. cam also has the screen attached but my others I have swapped out.
@Dman I am always worried about making the enclosures an oven so I don't replace them. The one that died had an anchor but still died. It was really sad.

The packing tape works great so far and plenty of air gets through the opening. I will take a picture and show you what it looks like.

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