Nhandu Chromatus Postmoult
Ignore light glare. My nhandu crhomatus juvenile post moult, moult was 7.5cm but yet again destroyed so this one remains unsexed, little bugger :')
Very underrated species based on colour, their patterns are beautiful x
You could try getting a ventral shot of it for sexing. Of the 3 I've had, they were all very easy to sex ventrally at that size
@PidderPeets I would try but this is the only T I have I'm a bit scared of, bit grumpy this one xD If I catch him/her on the side I'll definitely have a go though
@WelshySian I totally get it. Mine were very skittish unless cornered (which had to be done when I rehoused them and when I just recently packed up my two males for a breeding loan). But when they're cornered, they stand their ground with all their might. My two males were heavy burrowers though, so I saw them up against the side all the time when they peeked out of their burrows

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