Nhandu and Avicularia
I have seen other pictures like that. I think it may be little risky, in worst case scenario, they can beat the crap out of each other!
@spodermin aren't nhandu like notorious for their takedowns as well?

Yea, sorry OP. Cool shot but I think any other keeper, not even just from here, will tell you this is probably a tad irresponsible
If they would move, you couldnt stand a chance of intervein! I think it is foolish. You could easily risk both animals here
@Shingoukiex1 do your thing man, I hate when people get snobby and knitpick everything someone else does but its 100x more likely to bite that spider than bite you. It cant tell it apart from food or an enemy. Unless breeding, never put spiders together as a general rule. Buddy is right when he says it can go seriously wrong in an instant

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Multiple Tarantula Genera
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