New Owner - First Enclosure

New Owner - First Enclosure

Hi, I have just purchased an A.Avic as my first T. I have just finished making this enclosure. Please tell me if there is something i have done wrong or anything i should do to make it better. To me it looks quite bare but it is my first time so i've had no experience.
Also take out whatever is in the water bowl. Water only, no rocks or anything else needed.
You can get away with the enclosure size but it needs to have more cover up top (fake plants) and another vertically orientated branch or cork slab to climb on, they prefer quite cluttered enclosures, I'd also remove whatever's in the water bowl, just plain old water is fine, they can't drown (unless you hold them underwater for 30+ minutes, they can actually swim on the surface).

@JackCharlesRoss Ignore pet stores. The majority have very little knowledge on tarantula keeping. My advice: search for answers here on the archnoboard or ask questions. Welcome to the hobby! You’ll be addicted soon :)
On a more positive note, that’s a wonderful starter tarantula. Shoot, it’s an awesome genus all around. Usually pretty good webbers, not incredibly defensive or cranky and, in my experience, not an excessively “hidey” tarantula. Mine retreat into their web tubes to molt, but I’d say they’re out on their bark at least half the time.

Good choice. Welcome to the hobby and to AB.
@JackCharlesRoss Are those life plants? That's not a good idea. Living plants give off a lot of humidity and need to be watered, too, and these glass enclosures do not have a lot of ventilation. Humid, stuffy enclosures are a practically certain death sentence for your Avic. Use fake plants or more cork bark, but let the substrate dry out.

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