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My Geniculata girl Mabel got her end enclosure today. She immediately began to explore and already chose a hideout. :)
I thought the substrate I had would make a thicker level, but she doesnt really do much digging. and for her size its enough for now anyway^^
The ground level itself looks really nice, but unfortunately the whole enclosure is way, way too high!
I'd definitely put much more substrate in to minimise the risk of a fatal fall.

Also, you might not have her seen digging that much, but that's not an indicator that she'll never gonna do it. At least give her the choice to burrow, if she wants to. ;)
@Thekla @cold blood @AnObeseHippo
Got more substrate. Now when I arrive home, I saw she started to close her hide with webbing. SHould I leave her be now? Since, Id have to get her and the cork bark out again to work on the enclosure. Or would you say I can put her in a box for a few minutes?
I saw her abdomen is rather dark after she flicked hair when I moved her
Pic of the hide entrance is in the link here (cant upload the file her for whatever reason):
Even if you added substrate to the top of the front vents, it would still be too low. Its just too big of an enclosure for that size spider currently.
Get an arboreal for that enclosure and move the A. geniculata to something like a 10 gallon aquarium filled 3/4 with substrate with hide and water dish. Now you have an excuse to add an arboreal tarantula to your collection.:smug: Get a C. versicolor for that enclosure or a Pokie or you know something that likes trees.
It is a beautiful enclosure! But I agree with them up there ^^^ It has a few issues that need to be resolved.
yeah its the enclosure....front doors prevent the addition of suffucient sub depth.

To use this enclosure, you need to lay it on its back, so the doors are at the top, then dam the top ventilation so it holds substrate.

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