New H. maculata housing

New H. maculata housing

Nice looking display! An upturned aquarium makes any arboreal a happy camper. I'd be a little worried about a single hinge for the door, though...

I'd suggest throwing in some more fake plants. Given your space, I'd even suggest hot gluing some from the ceiling. In the wild, this species very often lives in large bushes with literally hundreds of anchor points. This is one of the heaviest webbing arboreals out there, give it room to spread its wings!
I have to agree with venom1080 on that one. I would add everything now so you don't have to stress her out again in a few days.
@Venom1080 because I didn't plan on adding anything else until Eulers suggested it. I can definitely add some more plants in sooner. Also the T was already in the enclosure when I took the pic.
@YagerManJennsen If that's the case, then yeah, wait about a week for it to settle in. I'd wait until there was a defined web tube - it'll scurry in there and allow you to work. Personally, I wouldn't remove the tarantula, given how skittish this species is. Just get in there, do the work, and get out. Put a dab of hot glue on the plant, use forceps to put it in place (obviously you'll have to hold it for a few seconds to dry), and you're done.

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