Nephila Edulis slings
Kinda sad, have always had this golden orb at the same spot for years at my grandparent's property named Old Gold, this year she wasn't there anymore but these were. Her legacy will live on
Very cool to see. I believe orbweavers are an annual species as most true spiders only live 1-2 years with some exceptions, so perhaps Old Gold was a litany of her progeny!
@Ciri I also believe it was most likely several generations using the same web. But for at least a few years, the same spider was using the web (had the same leg missing every visit). This is the first time the web has ever been demolished when I've visited and the spider not present though
@Rhino1 nah we were around Capalaba, just left and are heading back down to Northern Rivers now. Was really hoping to stop at Tambourine but don't have the time unfortunately
I know in the warm parts of their range (where temperatures don't get below freezing), Nephila clavipes can live for 2-3 years. The same may be true of Nephila edulis.

We used to have tons of Nephila clavipes, but ever since the county began regularly spraying for mosquitoes, their numbers have greatly diminished in my neighborhood.
@RezonantVoid This is amazing and something I didn't know! I'm from Southern Ontario so every orbweaver we have here expires in late autumn or so, to hear that they can naturally live much much longer warms my heart!

Very cool how she had set up web in the exact same spot, rest in peace Old Gold! :)

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