Need ID please! randomly bought a T!

Need ID please! randomly bought a T!

Just got this tarantula put it in a a medium sized kk for temporary. Looking for an ID so I can buy the proper enclosure for it.
looks like grammostola rosea, the Chilean Rose Hair to me.
And if you randomly bought any unlabeled T from a pet shop that is most likely what you would get.
According to the shiny golden-purple carapace and stripes on femur and tarsus , I would say Phormictopus sp., I think its cancerides, but may it be auratus too...
where the hell did you get rosea from. i agree with patmos that it is probably some sort of phormictopus. other possibilities of course but definetely no rosea
maybe it's the flash, at first it looked a lot like a purple phase G. rosea

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