Need Help (Sold as Acanthoscurria geniculata)

Need Help (Sold as Acanthoscurria geniculata)

I got a better picture of the incorrect spider tarantula Bristol from UK gave me, they promised a female A.geniculatac however I got this, this is a link to the other forum
Thank you for your time
And your help!
-the inverts kingdom
@KezyGLA Wow! I didn’t realize it’s illegeal lol, I know importing animals, plants and such is illegal but I did email them and ask do they ship to US, and is it okay; their response was yes.
@Exoskeleton Invertebrates you can’t blame the buyer, I been trying to find a female a.genic, I see so many people selling SLINGS, I don’t want a sling, I stumble upon this site and I asked them if it as okay to ship to US, I saw the opportunity, however I didn’t know it was illegal, becuase they advertise their brand “...since 2013, ship worldwide... “ It’s not the consumers fault, thanks for your input tho
@Jasondoan101010 ah you’re fairly new to the hobby? Well that makes a lot of difference. I understand of you not knowing the fine prints of the legality of shipping. Trying to find a true female geniculata is hard to find, most of the geniculata in general are crossed with brocklehursti which is now considered to be geniculata. Both don’t have the same appearance though. Therefore, since both have been bred together the babies don’t have the same appearance anymore. Good luck trying to find it.
@Jasondoan101010 it's not fully your fault, no. Tarantulas Bristol stay anonymous here in the UK. Nobody knows who they are. They do not attend expos, have not met with other breeders and they do not have a premises. They ship worldwide illegally and dont care. They are reaching out more to customers outside of the UK nowadays, as their reputation has perished here in UK.
@KezyGLA wow okay that’s interesting, well they are trying to fix things since I contacted them but I’m not sure what a good solution would be. Thank you all four your input, this forum is awesome and is very helpful.

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