Need Help (Sold as Acanthoscurria geniculata)

Need Help (Sold as Acanthoscurria geniculata)

I got a better picture of the incorrect spider tarantula Bristol from UK gave me, they promised a female A.geniculatac however I got this, this is a link to the other forum
Thank you for your time
And your help!
-the inverts kingdom
Tarantulas Bristol are notorious con artists. Known for sending out dead spiders, terrible packing and their most common trait is sending different species than you purchase. You should look them up on the Exotic Trader Review UK group on Facebook and see the magnitude of horror stories.

It looks like they have sold you a Lasiodora sp. (most likely parahybana).

I (Tarantulas Glasgow, no relation to Tarantulas Bristol) have female A. genics for sale atm if you are interested.
I’d be more inclinded to say it’s a Lasiodora parahybana from this photo.

EDIT: I can vouch on @KezyGLA being a fantastic seller!!
I have just realised that you are in US. Tarantulas Bristol have illegally shipped the spider to you. This is another thing they do. Buying spiders from outside the US without the correct licenses and paperwork if a felony could land you in federal prison.

TB do not care about this.
I’ll never understand how someone from the US will buy a spider internationally. Did all the sellers in the US closed their doors to the public? Acanthoscurria geniculata/hybrids are so easy to acquire in the US. At least if you would a geniculata/hybrid from the US, you would have been closer of getting the right genus.
Looks almost identical to my juve 3" L.Parahybana, the adults seem to fatten up as they get older :p
I will say, clearly that's not an A. geniculata, and I'm fairly confident saying it's a Lasiodora of some sort. My only experience with Lasiodora so far is my LP - and if that's what you got - well, it's def not what you ordered but you will love it! Hopefully you at least ended up F. Mine is male btw. Unsure if they look very different, but I have several pics and videos on insta and YT if you need to compare).

Very sad he's a dude - and when he goes I will most def get another LP no questions asked.
@Phases It is against the law to have animals imported into US without the correct processing and documentation. Wether the spiders were won or purchased.

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