Need advice
So this is my B.albo. It molted July 2nd and right after I noticed white mold in the enclosure.

I changed enclosure with new substrate right away but now almost a month is barely moving and only stays upright like you see in the photo.

Won't eat or drink so any advice is helpful
Mold is not a concern for which you have to change out enclosures. There is a phenomenal post about this by a very bright woman on the boards @boina, research it. Your T is not “happy” with constant change. I’ve kept a couple B. albos, and both would do this until they settled down. One spent the majority of its time on the side for over a week. So, my suggestion is leave it alone for a week or so. It will not starve to death. They can go a very long time without food.
@FrDoc Thank you for the advice. Just for the record. There have not been constant changes of enclosures. This is the first change of enclosure in over three years.

I also researched in the forums and could only find answers to how to remove mold. I could not find any answers on what the effects of mold are to a tarantula. I want to know if this behavior is from exposure to the mold or not? My B.albo has never acted this way in all the years I have owned it.
@BCspiderman7 Not a presumption that it was constant my friend. I just know those guys can be finicky about changes in environment, particularly substrate. As I stated above, i think you'll be fine after it settles.
Still looking for advice. I need to know what the effects mold has on a tarantula? No where in the forums can I find any info.
Most tarantula keepers know that after a tarantula molts. They don't eat until their fangs have hardened. And by that time the T is usually starving because it hasn't eaten in many months. I find it very unusual that my B.albo is not hungry after almost one month from when it molted. In my opinion from how it has been after previous molts. It should be starving!

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