Nasty Spider

Nasty Spider

Something uninvited in my office. What is it? Is it dangerous? (Living in Stockholm, Sweden)
I´ll still be scared of the next one that shows up, but thanks for the reply =)

Is there anything they dont like that I could use to keep them out of here? Like werewolfs dont like garlic or what ever it is :) What is the garlic for spiders? (besides killing it)
This is a Wolf Spider, they are very common and generally stay outside except during winter months when they find shelter in the warmth. While I agree that they are not "dangerous" because they shy away from humans much like most spiders and aren't generally aggressive unless you disturb them. They are, however, venomous and can cause serious damage and health problems to it's pray. Here's a photograph of someone that was bitten by a wolf spider.

This of course is a more severe case but does show what it can do if left untreated.

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