Namea sp.
Arrived two weeks late in the Express post male along with a deceased Eouplos sp.. She was looking weak with a tiny abdomen but is doing well now.
Can I guess this was bought from the Insectory? Every time I buy from them I get borderline dead spiders with shrivelled abdomens. I got a Namea sp. Mallee off them a month ago or more, and it's still looking in terrible shape
@RezonantVoid, this one did come from there and was listed as NSW mallee. Aus post lost the package for two weeks and covered my costs. The large deceased Euoplos that came with it had a torn pedicel. I suspect due to postage mishandling.

First meal, the Namea doubled her abdomen size and second had it looking like a female again. Mine seems to be doing fine. I have since been able to replace the Euplos sp. with a very large E. Variabilis that I obtained from a good man from Queensland - a private keeper, downsizing his collection, who threw in the beautiful Homogona/Cataxia that I have pictured elsewhere as a free extra.
@Dave1969 glad she's recovered, shame about rh Euoplos but at least you got covered for it.

The issue in having with mine is that she runs out of digestive fluid after a single small cricket, so can only be fed small meals every 2 days. She's probably looking about the same size as the this one now, bit compared to what my Salanitri is like she's still tiny
No good. Mine is smashing and completely consuming a medium cricket each week. She spends little time above here two entrance burrow (one small, one big). I am lucky enough that her burrow has been built right at the container edge.

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