N. incei
If only I could have given a 4.95/5 ! Gorgeous pick Eulers, I'm lucky if I ever seen mine. What size is your T?
@viper69 I even know why it's not perfect. Slight stress curl, stray webbing on the abdomen, out of focus fore-limbs. He/she is about 1.25"dls. For me, they're very nocturnal - quite active, but only at night.
@EulersK Exactly right. I noticed the webbing on the ab first, and then the fore-limbs. Thanks for the length. It's a beautiful specimen. If only my N. fas. would come out, I'd capture a pic of The Bumblebee. The carapace is quite stunning, so is the abdomen color. It's a great pic!!!
@louise f You know, I've had my doubts, but I know that this isn't an olive. In fact, your past pictures are exactly what made me doubt what I have. I owned an olive for some time before trading him off, and he was very clearly a mild green. Nothing at all like this one. My olive one wasn't nearly as iridescent, nor this mild yellow/gold/green color. I'd love some more input on the matter, trying to determine this via pictures online is maddening. Do you have any ideas?

@cold blood what say you?
@EulersK Well I`ve heard of one called a bumblebee it could be that one. But I`m not sure, but the one you got is amazingly gorgeous for sure. My olives dont look near yours so i would not believe it is that either. @cold blood heeeelp please:)
I was quite surprised to read you thought you had a gold actually. I haven't seen a single gold that didn't have a reduced pattern as Louise shows.
@louise f Bumblebee? Now that's a new one to me, I haven't come across that variant.

Is there a chance that this isn't an N. incei at all? Unfortunately, his siblings met their demise right around 2i-3i, so they all looked like just normal slings.

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