N. coloratovillosus

N. coloratovillosus

Feisty one, she is.
Just got my Nhandu chromatus sling and it's a beast! Took down an injured (head crushed but not dead) superworm at least twice its size. Rode it like some sort of bull rider lol.
@Flexzone No joke. I haven't kept another species that 'chews' like this one does. Most tarantulas just hold on to prey once they get a good grip. Not this one - they'll masticate constantly. I think it's an adaptation to accommodate their relatively weak venom; tear the prey apart to kill it quickly.
Ok, I seriously figured out the puppet mental reference. I used to have an adorable hand puppet spider that looked JUST LIKE HER! Your fingers moved her wee fuzzy front legs, and she had multiple googly eyes. Fiance with arachnophobia (among other things) made me get rid of it. Never fear, I also eventually got rid of HIM. :shifty: What a soul-sucking dunderhead. Clearly, I have horrible taste in men. I'd blocked the entire incident out of my memory! So is there an abdomen in that flower pot, or is it really your wrist? ;)

Are coloratovillosi (plural?) as hidey-bidey as everyone says they are, or do you see her around pretty regularly? I want a Nhandu, but can't decide on the species and only have space for one - probably one of these dearies or a blonde. What do you think? I'm prepared to overlook table manners I'd find objectionable in a human. I like enthusiastic masticators - it's the periodic anorexics I can't abide!
@Dovey I assure you that there is a whole spider in there! They're not reclusive at all, not sure who told you that. They're definitely bitey, though. They act just like an A. geniculata, to give you an idea. I couldn't recommend this species any higher, it's a must have. She's absolutely always out, only goes into her hide to eat.

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