N. Chromatus?
I was told this is a nhandu chromatus but i feel like the abdomen is the complete wrong colour for it to be one. Does anyone know if it is normal for nhandu chromatus juveniles to get this light brown abdomen, and if not, what species do you think it is. It has an about 6-8 cm leg span.
It's a chromatus. Juveniles have a much more muted color than their older counterparts. The colors get brighter with each molt
@PidderPeets Thanks! I got confused as I have seen slings with waay more adult colouration than my juvenile has, but haven't been able to get a picture of a juvenile with this colouration.
@Zuree1 No problem. I have a roughly 6cm N. chromatus and a roughly 10 cm one. The smaller one has the exact same pattern as the larger one, but it's a much more brown color overall. I'll post a picture of them side by side in their enclosures whenever I get the chance

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