N. carapoensis sex
Male and female N. carapoensis, about 2.5" at the time for reference. Those are old pic - by now they are not only molt confirmed but hook and emboli confirmed.
@Theneil - you wanted a less obvious pic for vent sexing. The different color is because of different light, there is no dimorphism.
@Theneil What? No, the left is the male. If you look closely you can see a round-ish spot of setae that look different/shorter above the furrow - that's the epiandrous fusillae. On the right side all hairs above the furrow are the same, ergo female.
:banghead::hurting::drowning::dead: <-- how vent sexing makes me feel.

I think that i see what you are talking about now. i thought the thick line of peach color was the fusillae. :bag: I think i need to spend a bunch of hours browsing through photos.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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