Mycosis on solifuge

Mycosis on solifuge

I can see some black scab-looking things on its chelicerae, and my other one has some forming near its leg joints. I kept them on moist samd to allow them to burrow but I think that was a msitake. I put them on dry samd but I’m kind of freaking out right now, what should I do?
@mantisfan101 In my opinion if you found it in south cal you should put in a container like the ones you find in pet shops for crickets, they often die from running around their container which results in exhaustion. I found that sand, eco earth, and repticlay mixed make for a good substrate that can help the burrowing they do. CS are very hardy but do often die in captivity so don't be too sad if they do. Also don't leave them water in the container. They often drink themselves to death and get all the moisture they need from food. Don't feed them every other day because they can die from overfeeding and they do not know when to stop eating so they will take every meal they get. Instead I would feed them waxworm or mealworms or crickets every 6 days. Make sure that you watch the feeding because those bastards are aggressive and can sometimes hurt CS. Good luck with yours, as I have a gravid CS in my possession right now :)
@Herp man Jack I bought them from repticon and they are from Africa/Asia. I keep them in 2 or 5 oz deli cups with a thin layer of sand and they haven’t eaten at all for me but both are quite plump so I’m leaving them alone for now. Thanks for the advice though, and hopefully they can pull through the mycosis! Is it usually fatal?
Depends on the serious of it and the caretaker’s care. I’de be foolish to say I’m worried about the care you are giving them but the wet sand was a bad idea. As @Herp man Jack said they will drink themselves to death for they don’t have access to much water in their natural habitat. It really depends on the advancement of the mycosis, but don’t listen to me. I’ve never even owned one and I’m usually wrong on most things as you have seen.

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