My Mature Male P. Murinus
I bought Whiskey my mature male P. Mur as a mature male cause I didn't think he would be bought by anybody for being matured and a male. He's actually one of my calmest Ts and it says a lot for being an OBT and comparing his sweetness to my Curly Hair (Brachypelma Albopilosum)
Oh also I would like to put out before someone may criticize me for holding him, I very rarely hold my Ts I only took this photo to show how "broken" my orange bitey thing is.
@TarantulaBae Its probably going to happen regardless. I have an AF P. regalis that is less flighty then my friend's G. porteri. Doesn't mean I'm going to willingly let her climb on my appendages.
@l4nsky Thats the only time I have held him, I'm still horrified of him though, at repticons I've heard stories of their bites, The only time i bother him is opening his cage for maintenence/feeding. I love to observe him though.
I read the title of P. murinus and saw the hand, I had to look. You must have nerves made of steel wool and the grit of like 40 grit sand paper. I don't condone handling, especially with OW, but I must say you either go big or go home. 11/10
@theDHill I rarely handle my Ts, It was hard to take the photo cause I was shaking a bit. I like to think that all T keepers are atleast a bit scared of their specimens
I almost crap myself when one of my 2" Pamphos slapped the side of his enclosure cause I looked at him wrong. Not to mention screaming when I fed my little 1" H. mac and it decided it wants to teleport to the top of the enclosure as soon as I open it. It really can take nerves of steel sometimes to be a T keeper.

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