My isopods

My isopods

These are the 5 species/varieties of isopod I found living under boards and stones in my back yard (NY state, USA) when the snow melted for a day last month. I'm looking forward to hunting around for more if spring ever arrives. Thanks very much to @Aquarimax for helping me confirm the IDs
These are very cool! Are they to scale against each other?
An excellent chart! We need one of these... but will ALL the morphs and species! :happy: Your stuff should be in a book.
(Also, any tips for photography on white backgrounds? I'm looking to do something similar though I doubt it'll turn out as nice)
Thanks for the compliments! They are roughly to comparative scale, but only by eyeballing it. I didn't measure it out with precision. The technique is a field studio method that's very flexible and not that difficult for just about anyone to come up to speed on and get better at it. You can read about it here:

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