My first loss

My first loss

Saw this baby like this (legs on one side bunched up) since yesterday morning but decided to leave it alone in case it was just drying off from it’s moult but found it in the same position just now. Is this something like can possibly happen? That the legs don’t separate and they die of exhaustion?
I am so sorry for your loss. :( I dread I lose one.

I have been reading anything and everything I can about molting because it is a very high risk time for all spiders. Anything can go wrong from legs getting stuck, ripping something to fast, too slow, tearing that causes blood loss, and all sorts of things can happen. It is very hard to say for sure what caused this death, other then something went horribly wrong.

Is it just two legs on the one side? The other side looks like there are 5 legs there.
Aw that's a shame, is that one of your fireback huntsman (beregama sp.) slings?
Temperature may have been an issue possibly, it would be getting quite cool down your way now.
@Drea This one had 4 and 3 on one side, not too sure how 1 got missing but it just did one day I separated the legs out after and was still 3 only. I was hoping it would keep growing and moulting and then grow it back.
@Rhino1 Yeah Love these little feisty guys! It is starting to cool down quite a bit but today’s temperatures were above 22. Not too sure what happened. Maybe it was just a bad moult. I am intending on getting a heater of sorts as the weather is getting colder.
Ah righto, 22 isn't too bad, low temps will muck with humidity especially for tropical species. I'm still yet to experience moult issues (touch wood), but we generally have pretty good temps and humidity here for inverts

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