My # 1 pet hole is out!! M. Robustum
I have not seen this T out ever. Last time I saw this girl was rehousing into her final home. Last year maybe. I walked by and had to do a double take before I realized it was her. What is your number pet hole?
Had 2 that both turned out male, definitely holes! Favorite for me would have to be my Idiothele mira because that hole has a door and feeding time is always exciting.
@u bada she is 5” right now. I think there are at least two molts in her den that can’t get to. I can’t wait until she 7 inches of perfection.
@WebBrowser blue legs sticking out would be great to see. Trap doors are the best. That is one that has been on my wish list for a while now. I hope there is some great stuff at this expo this weekend for decent prices..
Mine is the same, luckily she has made a window down there so I can check on her any time I want, she even molted few days ago. Hopefully she will feel more confident to come out now...
Mine had a window but she blocked it all up for 4 months. She look opened the holes and looks clean again. Molt must be some where in her pit.
You're unlucky that it's her final home, otherwise you'd at least have more chances to see her during rehousing. Mine was around 3 inches before molt so there's still a lot of time :pompous:
Mine is definitely Arbanitis sp. Coramba. Not a tarantula, but that thing has only shown itself to me twice and is so beautiful. I know it's molted now too BUT IT WONT COME OUT :(

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