Multitasking pulchra
Eating while dragging the brand new water dish to safety. It would be terrible if it got water in it, after all.
@Arachnophoric Haha yes! The mealworm getting up in his face like a bizarre horn made it even funnier :rofl: But how many water dishes will it take for me to successfully provide a water source? :p
@WolfSoon Please do keep count. Especially if you let him keep them in his stash, it'll be hilarious when you rehouse him and see all of the caps he's heroically taken hostage-- I mean, saved. :troll:
@RezonantVoid Thanks! :D That makes me happy since I’m always entertained by your photos. And yay Hollow Knight! Such a good game, and I feel like everyone on here would appreciate the bizarre bugs. Haha.
@WolfSoon litterally have The Radiance and Nightmare King Grimm to do before I go conquer the GodHome :D it's been a really good game, something all bug lovers should play

But seriously, this photo is hilarious
@RezonantVoid Nice! I’ve just gotten the basic ending and am starting on the tougher endgame stuff :astonished: AKA I’m a scrub and probably won’t 117% the game or whatever :D
@WolfSoon the only tip I can give you for endgame is get Abyss Shriek, Shade Soul and Descending Dark, those 3 upgrades help immeasurably.
Anyway, not sure how off topic we are allowed to get in comments lol, if you want any tips just start a conversation with me, I have Max stats and 39/40 charms so might be able to lend a hand if you're stuck

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