Motivation for cleaning out the clothes that never gets worn anyway.

Motivation for cleaning out the clothes that never gets worn anyway.

And my friends said I had no more room in my room for tarantulas. I had a whole closet that needed a good cleaning. I just need another row of shelves and can add even more above that. I am going to invest in an air purifier to help catch the hairs floating around to limit exposure to all my clothes
Love the big one on the wall
When your friends get into your room and knows you’ve some T’s :rofl:
@Kimora my friends already know that they is reptiles and inverts in almost every room in this house. I going to keep the closest a secret for now. Hehehe then one day as them to go in there for something random.
@docwade87 those are clear Acrylic display cases that I get from Hobby lobby when they come out with their 40% off coupon. The most they cost with the coupon is $12 with tax. One coupon per person per day. I go with with friends to get a bunch of them every time the coupon comes out.

They’re great because they’re so easy to drill into. They are crystal clear so you can clearly see everything that’s going on. There are many different sizes so they are adequate for the smallest sling ( exclusion of vial size slings) up to most of the bigger ones (excluding Goliaths and such). For arboreal spices, I use the football cases or large doll cases and turn them side ways. More work to set those up though.
@Rhino1 thank you. I need to get shelves soon. Those stack extremely well but I like to see them without moving them around to much.
@Rhino1 my daughter likes to paint so she is working on a huge canvas of T’s to add to the closet. It’s a birthday gift so I am not allowed to see it. That will complete the scene.

My clothes were shoved in the drawers or donated to make for spiders. Haha

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