Most unusual friendships. My youngest breadie loves This G. Porteri

Most unusual friendships. My youngest breadie loves This G. Porteri

I was rehousing and placed my T in the holding area and Scarps stayed with her the whole time. He always goes to her enclosure and just stays with her. He only visits her. No matter where I move her to, he checks every enclosure until he finds his friend. It is the strangest thing I have ever seen.
I think he wants to eat her.

That makes me wonder, though. Could bearded dragons kill large tarantulas? I know they’re great at defeating arthropods, but the Theraphosas might be a tall order.
@Moakmeister I think my adult male could easily win and most of my T’s with much harm. Some of the bigger, faster, and more potent venomous ones might take him down. I would never give any of them a chance to find out though.

Scarps is little but thinks he is a crocodile and can take on the world.
@Drea Yeah, I was thinking about the two in the picture when I said it could go either way. A adult bearded dragon would kill most NW's, except maybe a Theraphosa. Now OW's, at least the bigger ones might be another story. It might end up a tie (both dead).
@SonsofArachne that would be guess. I don’t understand why Scraps always looks at just this one T though. Even if others are moving around and he sees them, he doesn’t care. Just her. One track mind I guess. As a hunter myself, I am very focused on the one I want and won’t quit until someone else gets my target or I do.
Maybe I should rename him to Hunter instead of Scraps. The G. porteri will now be Starlight, after the place I have been chasing the same massive bear for 6 years now. Even if I had that bear in my sights, after this long of chasing him all over the mountains, I would not shoot him anyway if he ever gave me the opportunity.

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