Monocetropus balfouri
She/he is always in the perfect place for a great ventral picture when I walk by. By the time I get phone and come back, gone in the hole. I know this isn’t the best angle and I am lost as to what sex she/he is. I hope someone with way more experience can make out what sex she/he might be.
I had a good look at him a few weeks ago and wrote suspect male on his report sheet. I just wasn’t able to get a picture then

So it is 2 votes for male so far.

I was thinking about doing a communal enclosure with these guys but I was unsure. This M. balfouri is most likely a boy and I am taking that as a sign to buy a few more around his size and set it up.
@Drea always happy to weigh in! To do a communal you need them to be slings when you first start out, from the same sac is best and keep them in a small enough enclosure they don't form their own territories within. Be very careful and do lots of research because while once again I'm no expert, but I think this guy is too old already to be trying a communal setup. I'd put good money on cannibalism. It only works for certain species also. Some are totally ineligible altogether (idk about this species specifically tho) post a thread in general discussion and see what the pros say.
I have seen and read about many successes stories with these guys. I agree more research must done. I think you are right about being too old now. Plus sac mates are more proven to be more successful.

So plan C, I still get to get another M. Balfouri, hunt down an older female, wait a few years, research the heck out of communal set ups while I wait for the male to mature, pair them up, have babies, and bam!! Communal enclosure.
@spodermin There is always plan D too. Don’t make up reasons/excuses on why I need another T in my collection. Simply just get another one because I want to. Haha

I don’t understand why I feel like I always have to justify getting more. It’s not like I have that many. 30 ish or so. Lol
I'd say male as well, BUT don't take ventral sexing ever as 100% certain. There's always the chance of it molting and turning out to be female. That's the only way to tell for certain. All ventral sexing is simply educated guessing tbh.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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