Monocentropus  Balfouri
If the leg thing is true, she is female based on that alone. Every part of my male’s legs are navy. Yours still have that tan/gold on the legs which is supposed to indicate female. I don’t know for sure, but that is what was said by an expert.
I remember seeing someone say that and was trying to remember the specifics.. I think you are right as far as to what was said. Not sure if anyone will see this and can confirm or deny it?
I think it was @Ungoliant that said that but don’t remember. Hopefully she will see this and clear things up for us.

I know the mods have a job to do but I love reading their post. They are really good at unbiased information.
@docwade87 Females have blue legs reaching up to the knees and males have blue going past up to that. While both males and females have a blue carapace. A males carapace will have a stronger blue carapace than the females as they mature/get bigger. From this photo alone, I can't accurately make a guess on sex, but if possible, A shot from above with the legs stretched out will be much better at taking a guess.

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