Molting Grammostola rosea
No! You’re lucky to see this event. Tarantulas do sometimes molt upright. They flip back over when they come fully out of the molt anyway.
@semmy juarez It's hard to tell from the angle, but I'm assuming you mean the legs closer to the ground aren't out as much as the upper ones? It should still be fine as long as all the legs are at least making some progress (even if the lower ones are making slower progress than the upper ones). If some legs are making absolutely no progress at all even though the others are coming out, you may need to intervene to help the T out of the molt. If need be, I can find the link to a thread that will walk you through what you'd need to do in that case.

Yes, you can take the molt out when the T is done, but it isn't absolutely necessary. It won't rot or mold. If you don't know whether the T is male or female, you can post a picture of the inside of the molt and we can even sex it for you
@semmy juarez So she molted fully? Great! I've got no advice other than making sure she has a full water dish (molting is thirsty work), waiting for her fangs to turn fully black again before offering food (which can take a couple weeks for larger spiders), and not to be alarmed if she does any weird or strange poses as she recovers from the molt. Congrats on the molt! :)
Sshluld I put water dish closer to her. It’s all the way on the other side.She’s still in the really big enclosure I will transfer her later on.

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