Mm Id Confirmation

Mm Id Confirmation

Bought this as an Ephebopus Sp. Peru, but it was a first time import and I'm note sure what to make of it, has some similarities with the Eph genus but is also greatly different from the rest.
Sorry, but i cant see any similarilty to Ephebopus. The origin location in peru is also completely off for the genus. Yes E.murinus is amazonian, but thats eastern amazon, from Santarem downstream. It doesnt appear to have much metatarsal scopula, which would suggest Ephebopus. What about urticating hairs on the palps?

Does it have urticating hairs on the abdomen? It doesnt seem to. I not best to look towards the 'Iscnocolinae' genera, but the carapace looks too long. Yet, Consider what was Hemiericus, and Schismatothele, or what will be Hemiercoides. Really im saying, someone need to provide specimens to a taxonomist.

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